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moon :: reversed

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Icons, graphics, fics, fanfics, poetry, wallpapers, skins, any anything else of interest.

Where it came from

     I like to play with tarot every once in a while, and the majority of the time, when drawing a card to represent me, I draw 'The Moon' reversed (aka: upside down/negative). So I decided to take a hint, and use it to name the community where all of my work comes together.

     You will eventually find graphics (icons, friends only banners, wallpapers, winamp skins, etc.), writings (fanfics, original drabbles, short chaptered original fics and poetry), and misc. stuff (captions, tarot readings for people, whatever else might fall under here that isn't personal issues. If you want that, go to my personal journal: angel_9_lives).

     I'm still putting this together, so please bear with me. I will have a master fic list (and a link to it), and all that soon. For now, please use the tags, and here are the very VERY simple rules. Follow these and all will be well:)

Icons & Wallpapers

  1. NO stealing. - if you didn't do the work, don't try to take the credit.
  2. NO hotlinking. - save to your computer, upload to your own server. Don't have your own domain/whatever?

    Get one. There's plenty of free image hosts out there. Photobucket, for one. Not that hard to find. If you don't know what you're doing? just ask for help. I won't bite. I promise. -_-;;
  3. CREDIT. - Same thing with #1. You didn't do the work, I did. A simple 'angel_9_lives' or 'moon_reversed' in the keyword or comments will make me happy.
  4. NO modifying. - Unless you ask first (and receive permission). I'm not generally stingy with people who want to change something here or there, so I'll probably say 'yes'...IF you ask. Otherwise, to me, it's the same as stealing. (Bases don't count.)

Writings: Fanfics, Original fics, and Original poetry

  1. NO reposting.: without permission. Depending on where you want to repost it, I might not mind, but always, always ask first.
    • No reposting AT ALL of any original fics that are NOT drabbles. If you repost the drabbles, make sure to ask first, and include a link to the post ON moon reversed.
    • Poetry can be reposted: I don't mind if you repost the poetry, but you MUST include a link back to this journal.

  2. NO plagiarism!: I can't stand plagiarists. DON'T DO IT! If you want to write something BASED on something of mine (fanfics ONLY), just let me know...and write your OWN work. Do NOT use mine and just change a few lines here and there. Don't Don't Don't!


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